About Us

Hi, my name is Natalia Shcherbakova. I have been playing the guitar since childhood. I got acquainted with the classical guitar at the age of 12 when my parents sent me to a music school (yes: notes, nylon strings, a stand for the left leg - everything as it should be).

After studying for 4 years and mastering the basics of guitar art, I got my hands on such a wonderful instrument as the ukulele. I immediately realized that this is what I need. Firstly, the ukulele is half the size, and I'm a small, fragile girl, and dragging around a huge guitar became pretty tiring. Secondly, despite its seeming simplicity and primitiveness, the ukulele is practically not inferior to the guitar in sound, and most guitar compositions can be played on it.

Then it was 1993, I didn't have the Internet, and it was poorly developed. I had to choose chords for the ukulele and adapt my favorite Russian and foreign compositions to them on my own, thanks to the education I received at the music school. Over time, I got a notebook in which tabs and chords on the ukulele were collected, and then more than one.

On this site, I've tried to gather selected ukulele chords from me and other users of this site, which will help you play your favorite ukulele tunes.

It was with these words that this page began on the website, created by Natasha in 2010. Since then, the site has changed its owner, domain, and name. New authors have appeared, thousands of new chord selections, and hundreds of thousands of users, ratings, and TOPs. There are groups in social networks and hundreds of small, less noticeable changes. But we still try to comply with the principles that were laid down by its creator, focusing on the quality of rebounds, sometimes losing to some competitors in quantity.