Abcdefghi Love You Still And You Know I Always Will - Tyler Shaw, ukulele chords

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Published: 2022-02-01 15:26
Selection chords: Emily Krauford

E7 B C#m A

E7                          B
I swear i始ll always give my best no pretending
C#m                   A
Give you breakfast in bed in the morning
E7                            B
There ain始t no answer to this complex question
C#m                         A
I just keep falling for you every day
E7                           B
We始ll never take up too much time or attention
C#m                   A
Take a second just to make our connection
E7            B
I would do anything for your affection
C#m                      A
Kind of fun trying to go about it all the wrong ways
E7                  B                  C#m
I始m just showing to you i wanna let it all out
A                   E7
You始re so perfectly fine
               B                       C#m
I can talk all day but let me spell it out

    A b c d e f g h i love you still and you
    B                           C#m
    know i always will till the end of time
    i won始t change my mind
    Love you i始ll be
                 B               C#m
    there i will never disappear said
    forever i swear so i will be there

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