How To Make Gravy - Paul Kelly, ukulele chords

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Published: 2021-12-21 16:05
Selection chords: Emily Krauford


E7 F#m A B

Intro: E7 F#m x4

E7              F#m
Hello Dan, it始s Joe here,
E7               F#m
I hope you始re keeping well,
E7                   F#m
it鈥檚 the 21st of December
E7                           F#m
now they鈥檙e ringing the last bell.
A               E7
If I get good behaviour
A                      B
I始ll be out of here by July,
E7                        F#m
won鈥檛 you kiss my kids on Christmas day,
E7     F#m
please don始t let them cry for me.

Instrumental: E7 F#m x2

E7                                         F#m
I guess the brothers are driving down from Queensland
E7                              F#m
and Stella始s flying in from the coast.
E7                       F#m
They say it始s gonna be a hundred degrees, even more maybe,
E7                  F#m
but that won始t stop the roast.
A                    E7
Who始s gonna make the gravy now?
A                        B
I bet it won始t taste the same
E7                    F#m
Just add flour, salt, a little red wine and don始t forget a
E7                                       F#m
dollop of tomato sauce for sweetness and that extra tang.

                    E7                     F#m
And give my love to Angus and to Frank and Dolly,
                 E7                 F#m
Tell 始em all I始m sorry I screwed up this time.
               E7                     F#m
And look after Rita, I始ll be thinking of her,
                E7                  F#m       E7   F#m
early Christmas morning, when I始m standing in line.

E7                      F#m
I hear Mary始s got a new boyfriend,
E7                     F#m
I hope he can hold his own
E7                            F#m
Do you remember the last one? What was his name again?
E7                       F#m
Just a little too much cologne
A                            E7
And Roger, you know I始m even gonna miss Roger
       A                       B
始Cause there始s sure as hell no one in here I want to fight
                   E7                  F#m
Oh praise the Baby Jesus, have a Merry Christmas,
                 E7                                F#m
I始m really gonna miss it, all the treasure and the trash

                 E7                   F#m
And later in the evening, I can just imagine,
                     E7                    F#m
You始ll put on Junior Murvin and push the tables back
                      E7                      F#m
And you始ll dance with Rita, I know you really like her,
                    E7                           F#m
Just don始t hold her too close, oh brother please don始t stab me in the back
                 E7                             F#m
I didn始t mean to say that, it始s just my mind it plays up,
                E7               F#m
Multiplies each matter, turns imagination into fact
                    E7                      F#m
You know I love her badly, she始s the one to save me,
                    E7                         F#m
I始m gonna make some gravy, I始m gonna taste the fat
                  E7                     F#m
Tell her that I始m sorry, yeah I love her badly,
                 E7                         F#m
tell 始em all I始m sorry, and kiss the sleepy children for me.
                      E7                   F#m
You know one of these days, I始ll be making gravy,
               E7                F#m         E7   F#m
I始ll be making plenty, I始m gonna pay 始em all back.

Coda: E7 F#m x4

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